Quick How-Tos for WordPress

Over the last year I have discovered some web development tools and websites that I use all the time. These aren’t super high tech programming resources. This is for your everyday WordPress or web developer or someone just learning the trade.

Add a Redirect to .htaccess

Change PHP Variable Limits

Fix Totally Toasted WordPress

Avoid Spam Filters Email Marketing

Gravity Forms Horizontal Form

Gravity Forms Shortcode

Gutenberg Full Width Block List

Divi Global Modules

Line Breaks in CSS "Content" Property

Redirect www or non-www

How to Prevent Directory Listing

Reset WP Password phpMyAdmin

Change Hamburger Menu Color

Divi Change Column Order Mobile

Target a Page with CSS

Disable Search Engine Indexing

Outlook Newsletter Buttons Code

Remove Post Sidebar Divi

Gutenberg Full Width

WP Hide Title on "Pages"

Divi Layout Block Gutenberg

Divi Horizontal Blurb Image on Right

Vertical Align Divi

Multi-Line Divi Toggles

How to Canonical Tags

Schema Markup Generator

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