Rural SEO Examples


Google Integration

You want to rank higher on Google? Or maybe you’re just looking for an edge over your local competitors and need advice about what SEO strategy would work best with the way people search these days. Let our company help set up a professional-quality web design so that all of those great ideas can shine through, shining bright!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console measures and reports all your website traffic. It can help you make important decisions about what keywords you would like to rank for and what performance issues your site has. Configuring your Google Search Console is the first step in setting up your site’s Google integrations.


Google Analytics helps you gain powerful insights about your company. It can help you know who visits your website, when they visit it, how they visit it, what pages they visit and so much more. A website with Google Analytics integration can be used to gain intelligent data about your customers to grow your business.


The Google My Business (GMB) is a great way to showcase your business in the search engine results pages. With an account, you can have an informational side box show up when customers look for what you offer on google searches and will also see contact information, hours of operation, recent reviews, or posts from social media sites like Facebook. Locals in your service area might be more likely to encounter information about your company because it could appear alongside other locally owned businesses as well!


Part of having good SEO is website performance. A large part of this is using images that contain information and alt tags that search engines will pick up on. This will help your images show up in Google Images searches as well as regular searches increasing the chances that customers will find you. The images should also be compressed and optimized to make your web pages load faster. This will help with your core vitals and make your page rank higher on Google.


On-page SEO is another important part of improving your Google page rank. There is certain meta and schema information that needs to be properly configured on your web pages for search engines to understand the content of your website. It is also important to have a robots.txt and a sitemap so search engines can properly index and crawl your pages.

Without SEO You're Invisible

Websites that do not employ SEO to their website will be less likely to rank on Google searches. Over 90% of search traffic stays within the first page. Proper SEO and great content can get you seen in searches.

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